About Me

Hi I’m Marcella and I hope you’re having a great day today. I’d like to thank you for visiting my blog and hope that you find value in the information I’ve been sharing here. First and foremost I am a proud mother of four beautiful children and seven wonderful grandchildren, all raised Vegan. I have been Vegan for 38 years so I am a soldier Vegan and am committed to this lifestyle. Fads come and go, my commitment has been unwavering.

When I first started on this path there weren’t many options, no Whole Foods or companies that catered to this then niche market. So creativity was the word of the day. Now thanks to others like myself who are willing to do what it takes to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle, there are a world of options and wholesome products to choose from.

This blog is dedicated to offering information, recipes and insights to those who are considering the Vegan option or to anyone just looking to incorporate more Healthy choices into their lives. Whatever your reasons this blog is here to help make your journey Fun, Flavorful & Exciting!

Marcella Cohen

Vegan Lifestyle Coach