2019 Vegan Explosion!!

Well it just doesn’t get any better than this. Blast off 2019 with Vegan Events, Expo’s, Delicious Recipes and more! If you’re thinking of going Vegan or just looking to improve your health, you couldn’t have choosen a better year. This year ushers in Festivals, Conferences and Expo’s both locally and nationwide. Some of the biggest names in the food industry are promising to improve as well as offer even more healthy choices for consumers.

Here are a few events to look forward to both at home (US) and International:

  • Plant-Based World Conference and Expo – New York
  • Vegan World 2026 Summit 2019 – Israel
  • Third Annual Chicago Vegan Mac Down….check your local events for more…

Charity Veganuary – supported people as they try a vegan diet this January. Beyonce and JayZ’s GreenPrint looks to address environmental issues through the consumption of plant-based diet. “Billion Vegan” platform aims to be the New Vegan Amazon. So stay tuned for events and more in your area. Vegan is Forever….

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