Plant-Based World Conference and Expo New York

This year 2019 is full of exciting news, educational opportunities and promise for the Global Vegan Community as well as those looking to upgrade their dietary lifestyle. So get ready for this years Plant-Based World Conference and Expo being held June 7–8, 2019 • Jacob K. Javits Convention Center • New York City the Big Apple! Our world is changing for the better and you can be a part of it. More people than ever are looking to Go Vegan or just want to start by improving their dietary health. When I started on this path more than 30 years ago there were little if any options to say nothing of support for the lifestyle I had chosen. Now you can literally go to the store and build yourself a starter kit.

The conference will feature speakers in the field of Health and Nutrition. It’s an outstanding opportunity to network with like minded people. In addition you will be able to participate in worldclass educational forums, speak with healthcare professions and browse plant- based vendors eager to share information on their plant-based products and services.

Want more information on the future of mankind on this planet, just click the click below to attend or request information:

“My body will not be a tomb for other creatures. ” -Leonardo Da Vinci

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